Krazy Race - New World Games 4-20-2004

Give us a little history of how Krazy Race came to be?

Krazy Race started officially in 1991, as a group. Little did I know that over 13 years later I would be still writing and wrecking stages under the same name but as a solo artist.

In the beginning of �KR�, like other heads trying to make a name for them selves, we use to rock the local backyard parties, clubs and some of the car shows all around Los Angeles. Throughout the years since the groups origin Krazy Race has seen members come and go while I stood focused, dedicated, and persistent. Now in 2004, the Krazy Race movement is behind my music and support what I represent.

What motivates you to create the music that you do?

My inspiration and motivation is my people. La Raza Loca. I want to be remembered as one of the voices that spoke out and represented for the voiceless. I�m tired of seeing raza brainwashed and conforming to this society because that's all they know. Remember don�t believe everything you see and everything you hear. It�s time for us as a people, to do our own research and to wake up to what's really happening.

Hip-Hop culture it self, is another huge influence on my life and my music. I create songs out of the love for hip-hop, that's real. Rap music has made a major impact on my life since I was kid. With that being said, it�s hip-hop culture and my people who keep me driven on the daily to continue to make music.

But, I can never forget about my fans that come up to me at shows, or hit up my website with nothing but positive feedback and props. You�re the �Krazy Race movement�, that's keeps me inspired to continue to bang out heaters.

how would you describe your style of music?

My music is a reflection of the streets and I like to speak on topics that most people don�t talk about. I spit verses on social issues, politics, the streets and of course life. I�m trying to enlighten the people and give them something to think about.

> My style is hard to pin point because those that know me or have heard my music, know that I�m very diverse. When I sit down to write a track or choose a track for the album I like to challenge myself by trying something completely different from the last joint I created whether it be, by my style of writing, my delivery, my tone or even the music. The style of music is �realizm�, cause that what it reflects.

what does the title �new world games� mean to you?

The name can take on a few meanings but when the idea first came into mind about it being the album title, I thought of new world games. Where the word �games� represented what the government is doing, for example the plague with all TV networks creating so-called reality shows, which most are games. What comes next, a live firing squad on TV? Understand, where I�m going here? It�s almost like �they� create all these things in life for us to be distracted with to take us away from the things and people that are most important to us. As we live our life under the �NWO� it�s almost like we are just, pawns in a game to them. Think about it...

Name some of the joints off the album and what they represent?

�Dedicated� that songs speaks for itself, a classic to me. �Operation Lockdown� is a blazing new joint where I get to talk a little sh*t and kill a mic. �City of Angels� is one of the single�s off the album where I put thought�s to paper about the city we live in. �Fact or Fiction� is where I spit statements about our current President and let you decide whether it was fact or fiction?

How is this album different from the first album you dropped?

Well, the first CD was only a 4 song �EP� titled �The Time has Come� and I released that in 1999. I considered that a demo to test the waters with. This is my actual �LP� that I�ve been brewing for some years. It�s here, though!!! Where�s the movement at?

Who are some of the producers and artists you collaborated with on this project?

Big ups to all the producers who blessed me with heat-rocks to choose from on this album. Much f**ken love!!! Special shouts to the MC�s: THC, Savage Joe, Big Rich & Eric C.

My man Beelo brought heat to the table by producing �Operation Lockdown� and �Blood Sweat and Tears�.

The Ringleader DJ Ace from Rhyme Poetic Mafia (RPM) who has worked with Ice-T and many more produced the track �City of Angels�, �Hole in his Soul�, and �Toxic� plus a lot more heat from different producers...

Much love and respect,
Krazy Race

Interview and Photographs by Sal Rojas / Digital Aztlan

1. New World Games
2. Blood, Sweat & Tears
3. Dedicated
4. Devious Interlude
5. City of Angels
6. Hole In His Soul
7. Hydroponic Dreams feat. THC and Big Rich
8. Operation Lockdown
9. KR Interlude
10. Illuminati
11. Fact or Fiction feat. Eric C.
12. Soul Asylum II
13. Krazy Race Chant (live)
14. Toxic feat. Savage Joe
15. Bill of Rights Interlude (pre-patriot act)

For Dedicated:
"Like my man says, 'come strong or don't come at all,' and Krazy Race brings it strong on 'Dedicated.' The beat is grimy, the flow is fierce and the music reminds me why I fell in love with hip-hop in the first place. The sign of a truly ill lyricist is one you gotta listen to again and again to catch the jewels they're dropping, and Krazy Race is one of those rare MCs. 'Dedicated' is a jam that makes Latin rap relevant again."

For Illuminati

"Krazy Race is hip-hop's battering ram -- taking down the lies and false prophets -- and 'Illuminati' cements that legend with lyrics that blaze the knowledge and rep La Raza to the fullest. There were so many moments I was saying 'speak on it!' during this cut, I felt like I was at a revival, for real. And maybe it is a revival... a revival a real street rhyme."
E. Aguilar
"Sexto Sol"

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