Stencil Pirates | A Global Study of the Street Stencil

Stencil Pirates by Josh Macphee ISBN 1-932360-15-8

The most comprehensive book dedicated to the art of the street stencil

Stencil Pirates offers in-depth writings on the complex history of stencil graffiti, its political context, and how stencils fit into the larger pantheon of street expression. The book contains an exhaustive collection of close to 1000 photographs from around the globe. The photos show work of hundreds of different artists, exposing the width and breadth of stencil graffiti, from political to abstract and purely aesthetic, from tagging to public announcements.

Stencil Pirates discusses stenciling as a way for political movements to resist and mark territory, whether as part of gentrification struggles in New York and San Francisco or as part of the general uprising in Argentina over the past couple years. In addition to the photographs and text, Stencil Pirates contains a stenciling instruction manual and cardboard stencils.

Collecting thousands of stencils by artists from 25 countries, East Los Angeles-based artist Nico's stencils of Emiliano Zapata made this historic book. Featuring the photography of's Sal Rojas are displayed on pages 163 (bottom right) and 188 (bottom left).

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