Lowrider Arte at the Super Show 2005 | Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada - When I was a teenager back in the day I had a homie who went by the street moniker of Mister Lazy. He was the gifted artist of our circle of friends. He used to create placasos around the neighborhood like he was possessed with the artistic spirit of Diego Rivera. When he used to finish up a pencil drawing we used to line up for our Xerox copies of Mr. Lazy�s latest masterpiece to put in our three ring binders. When his drawings used to get published in Lowrider Arte Magazine we all felt proud that he has making a name for himself from something positive when our world was filled with negativity, turning typical barrio life into art.

Close to a decade of representing barrio life through BrownPride.com Chicano-based art has never been bigger. With Chicano/Mexican artists like Mister Cartoon, Fonzy, and OG Abel just to name a few of the artists taking our style to the masses through lowrider murals, clothing, tattoos, and even T-Mobile sidekicks (Mister Cartoon Edition). Even at the largest lowrider show in the country the "Las Vegas Super Show" where over 30,000 lowridering enthusiast gather annual to check out the best custom low lows, Lowrider Arte Magazine presented their first art gallery featuring the work of Los Angeles-based Fonzy (Fonzy Air-Shot) and Dallas-based Mister Shadow displayed some of their best work along with some of top entries that graces the pages of the magazine itself.

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SalRojas.com - Photographic Arte

Sal Rojas - Photographic Arte

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