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�The rich control the destiny of the poor but an intelligent man controls his own� � de la vega

Nueva York, Nueva York � In the city that never sleeps a local artist by the name of James de la Vega is inspiring local youth to �Become Your Dream�. Using graffiti art as his tools of the trade and the brick walls from the tenement buildings of Spanish Harlem �El Barrio� as his canvas James has create a body of work that�s receiving critical acclaim throughout the five boroughs of New York City and beyond. De La Vega's multifaceted artwork includes street murals, sidewalk chalking, paintings, including his own line of clothing featuring his clever dichos (aphorisms) on artee-shirts.

De la Vega is well known in Spanish Harlem for his vivid murals that transformed East Harlem�s stale bricks into statements of Latino Pride featuring murals/paintings of Puerto Rican rapper Big Pun (R.I.P.) to Tejana singer Selena (R.I.P.), just to name a few of his Latino-themed subject matter. A graduated of Ivy league college Cornell University, James is an intelligent and ambitious artists who just opened a brand-new East Village gallery in Lower Manhattan, the former East Harlem fixture is excited with his new Galeria De La Vega, his gallery is located at 102 St. Marks Place New York, NY 1000, please visit  for more information on James de la Vega art gallery.

Words and Photography by Sal Rojas

James de la Vega Biography:

Educated at Cornell University and an icon of his native Spanish Harlem where he runs a gallery displaying his paintings, James De La Vega has been described by David Gonzalez of the New York Times as �a hybrid between a street kid and an Ivy League guerrilla performance artist. He surfs among the personas of mayor of the block, eccentric artist and entrepreneur with relative ease.� De La Vega is also revered and respected by the youth of East Harlem, and the greater Manhattan area beyond, where his chalk paintings adorn the urban environment.

Sal Rojas - Photographic Arte

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