DyseOne | The Collection 2006

DyseOne is about the street, but one must remember that no one singular action is an end to itself, it is a journey. The journey is a definition for the person; the person is a symbol for the company. The company is the instrument for the product. And the product is a representation of how we see ourselves slapping sneakers on concrete down graffiti boulevards with your homies or out bombing piss-stained back alley ways. It is a string of struggles and accomplishments connecting broken down apartment complexes and early morning haze to the survival instinct and will to create. DyseOne is more than a design on clothing, it is a mission to build beyond for those shuffling bare feet across cold morning floors, for those who chose between renewing their tags and buying food, and for those twitching for the black book and pen in their pocket. DyseOne is for those with a rhythm bouncing in their brain through their own life long stroll.

Brown Pride by DyseOne

Official DyseOne Website

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