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Maria Rodriguez alias La Mala Rodriguez was born in Cadiz, a port city in Southern Spain. She would later move with her family to Seville, Spain. It was in Seville that Mala fell in love with hip-hop culture. Mala fought her way to through the male-dominated emcee battles. The street rap battles helped start her musical career and helped make her one of Spain’s biggest and most controversial hip-hop artist.

In 1997 Mala was gaining rap infamy in the streets of Spain with grass root concerts and album collaborations and appearances. By 1999 Mala started recording “Lujo Iberico”, a LP that was released in October 2000 and sold more than 50,000 (Gold Status) copies in her native Spain.

In 2003 Maria released her sophomore album “Alevosia”, an evolutionary album mixed in New York that opened a new chapter in Mala’s career and also won her a Gold Record. It is on “Alevosia” that Mala unleashed her infamous song “La Nina”.

Adding fuel to the fire was Mala’s music video for her single “La Nina”, the controversial music video is about a little girl selling drugs to help support her family. “I have always said what I thought”, says Mala Rodriguez. The video was banned from numerous Spanish television stations for its drug references and showing the violence that takes place when a drug deal goes bad. “It was like presenting the dark side of drugs,” she says, referring to the visual imagery of “La Nina”. In the end there’s a powerful message in her song, that kids learn everything that they see.

Mala Rodriguez - La Nina - Music Video

This year with the support of Machete Music in Los Angeles, Mala Rodriguez is set to make her mark in the United States. Her third album “Malamarismo” is set to be released this June 19, 2007. Mala Rodríguez presents her most intricate production: “Malamarismo”, a broad-ranging album recorded between Puerto Rico, New York, Los Angeles and Spain, produced by Griffi (Sólo los Sólo), Sr. Tcee (VKR), DJ Rectangle and Giggi Mantequilla, and featuring Raimundo Amador, Tego Calderón, Julieta Venegas and Cuban rapper MC Mahoma of Explosion Suprema. This is without a doubt the most complete work of Mala Rodriguez. “Malamarismo” is Maria Rodriguez in her purest form, in her best artistic and personal moment yet.

Her first two singles from her new album “Malamarismo” are titled “Por La Noche” and “Nanai”. The accompanying music videos are becoming some of the most requested music videos in recent memory.

Mala Rodriguez - Por La Noche - Music Video

Mala Rodriguez - Ninai - Music Video

Hip Hop from Spain by LatiNation TV feat. La Mala

Mala Rodriguez Discography:
"A Jierro / Toma la Traca" Maxi (Zona Bruta, 1999)
"Yo Marco el Minuto / Tambalea" Maxi (Yo Gano, 2000)
"Lujo Ibérico" LP (Yo Gano/Superego-Universal, 2000)
"Alevosía" LP (Universal, 2003)
"Por la Noche" CD Single (2006)
"Malamarismo" (Machete Music, June 19, 2007)

La Mala Collaborations:
La Gota Que Colma "Mordiendo el Micro" (1998)
SFDK "Siempre Fuertes" (1999)
Violadores del Verso "Genios" (1999)
La Alta Escuela "En Pie de Vuelo" (1999)
Jota Mayúscula "Hombre Negro Soltero Busca" (2000)
Ygriega "XXL" (2000)
Jota Mayúscula "Una Vida Xtra" (2004)
R de Rumba "R de Rumba" (2004) - Fabricante
Full Nelson "Confía en Mí" (2005)- La Carta
Akon - "Locked Up (Re-edition)" (2005)- Locked Up [Remix]
Vico C "Desahogo" (2005) - Vamonos Po' Encima
Kultama "Nacional e Importación" (2006)
Antonio Carmona "Vengo Venenoso" (2006)
Calle 13 - Mala Suerte con el 13 (2007)

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