P.R�z Fynest Latino-based Fashion Show | New Yorkrican

P.R�z Fynest Latino-based Fashion Show | New Yorkrican

New York City - It's that time of year where fashion labels around the world display their latest gear for the next season. I was in town for the Nuyorican-based P.R'z Fynest 2007 Fall Fashion Show. The fashion runway was held in world famous LQ Nightclub in Midtown Manhattan. (LQ is located at 511 Lexington Ave. between 47th & 48th Street). For more information on LQ and other NYC-based events and clubs check out Drama Point Entertainment (shoutout to my homegirl Angie/Drama Point Ent.). - Photos/Words by Sal Rojas at MySpace

Mission Statement:
Their mission is to educate and promote the "Orgullo" (Pride) of their Boricuan communities worldwide. Their goal is to honor a hero each season and add a statement and picture to one of their pieces. Their vision is to broadcast Puerto Rican history and remember the heroes that represent the Puerto Rican triumphs.

According to Brian Escobar, Chief Operating Officer of P.R.'z Fynest, Inc. "We started this company with the intentions to support and demonstrate the class and pride the Puerto Rican communities have established. The triumphs of our people have not gone unnoticed and we are not only here to educate but also to remind those who have forgotten just who we are."

P.R.'z Fynest with the motto of "Fashion without limits", will release their new collection of designer and classic urban clothing this Fall 2007. Their design style can best be described as unique urban clothing with a Latin flair. Especially their women�s collection, which captures the sexy ambiance of being a proud Latina.

For more information on P.R's Fynest you can find them online at przfynestinc.com

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