El Grito and The 16th of September Mexican Independence Day

Photo courtesy of Edgar Hoill Photography

Hildalgo by Jose Clemente Orozco
Fresco, 1937. Governor's Palace,
Guadalajara, Mexico

Unlike the American Revolution of the 1700�s the Mexican Revolutionary war of Independence was not seen fulfilled by the founding minds that began the necessary changes. Miguel Hidalgo and Jose Maria Morelos were not the landowning, ivy-league educated, aristocracy that would become the United States� founding fathers; they were sympathetic priests who saw the plight of Colonial Mexico. Miguel Hidalgo was a parish priest who was of predominantly Spanish blood and ancestry. Father Hidalgo was a theologian and scholar who learned a great from the radical political philosophy of the time. He would be one of the first to rise up against Spanish colonial rule. Jose Maria Morelos like his predecessor was also a parish priest that would revolt against Spanish rule. Morelos was a mestizo who was educated at the College of San Nicolas, the very same college that Father Miguel Hidalgo was in charge of. Both of these men fought for the rights of the common and disenfranchised peoples of Mexico. Though they died before they could see Mexico free from her oppressors they serve as continuing inspiration for the neglected and forgotten.

September 16th is used to commemorate the very beginning of the Mexican War for Independence. But this start was not given through a battle or through a congress but would be delivered in Father Hidalgo�s sermon "El Grito De Dolores". That sermon would inspire the people of Mexico to revolt against the oppressive regime and to take back the land that was rightfully theirs.

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