a message to Latinos, thanks to Luis

In many ways you have already begun to answer the question you ask. You ask, and what does the World Trade Center attack mean to Latino people?

Latino immigrants will continue to be seen as "chivos expiatorios" or as scape-goats whenever economic, political or social woes take place. This is no different. The important thing is to not distinguish ourselves from our Arab sisters and brothers. Todos somos igual. We are all the same, we must all be one. As you have heard plans have already taken place to "beef up" the Mexican border. This is not new.

We must continue to speak out against injustice and against the social order that validates "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" (Money), "Survivor" (Social Darwin's Survival of the Fittest) and a false patriotism that seeks to silence voices of dissent.

The time has come to stand up amidst a deafening silence by the corporate media to any forms of protest. We don't have to be for violence, to be against the imperialism of this government. We don't have to be for terrorism to be for freedom. People in southern Mexico, Colombia, the mountains of Guatemala, Peru, Cuba and so many other regions yearn to be free, but not the American way. Not everyone is a "yanqui" fan. Some of us like the mets or even the dodgers. The dodgers of media lies and corporate ties in order to survive.

Stay strong young brother and keep on, keepin' on.

cesar a. cruz

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