Sammy Tattoo Studio - Guadalajara, Mexico | Photos by Salvador Rojas

Portrait of Sammy Ramirez of Sammy Tattoo Studio Guadalajara, Mexico | Salvador Rojas Photography

Sammy Ramirez Hernandez was born in 1960, in San Juan de Dios, the heart of Guadalajara (Jalisco, Mexico). His first tattoo back in 1974 was a little apple symbolizing the original sin. It was applied using simple methods by his friend Joe.

He got his first professional machine-made tattoo in 1981 in the "Centavo de Oro Tattoo Shop" located in Tijuana (Baja California, Mexico). This was the very first tattoo shop open to the public in all of Mexico. Mr. Tattoo and assistant Raul Aceves ran this ground-breaking tattoo shop.

Sammy first worked like an apprendice in various tattoo centers in Mexico. In 1982 he worked for Nosferatu Tattoo Shop, owned by Daniel Olguin.

He opened his first tattoo shop in 1983 helped by his mentor, Frank Garcia in Anaheim, California.

Sammy Tattoo Studio Guadalajara, Mexico | Salvador Rojas Photography

In 1986 he opened "Sammy Tattoo Studio".

In 1996 he contributed to the "Asociacion Mexicana de Dermografía" to set the guidelines for the safe and formal application of tattoos. This association has helped tattoos evolve into an art with total hygene and top techniques, and has helped much of the prejudice against tattoos crumble.

Sammy has organized six Expo Tatuaje Internacional events in Guadalajara, Mexico. They have been a great success measured by the names both national and international that attend each year and the friendly atmosphere that visitors find. The event is recognized more and more every year and the 2009 convention marked the XV year anniversary.

In 1996 he also organized the 1st Expo Tatuaje Nacional in Culiacan (Sinaloa, Mexico) to help people perceive tattoos more like an legitimate art form.

In 1998 he worked in Lacky Tattoo Shop in Grenchen, Switzerland. There Lacky invited Sammy to the Lausanne Tattoo Expo to have a chance to see great world-famous tattoo masters.

He has been to most tattoo expos in Mexico; Tijuana, Monterrey, Morelia, Leon, Culiacan, Puebla and Mexico City.

Sammy Tattoo Studio Guadalajara, Mexico | Salvador Rojas Photography

Sammy has been a tattoo professional for over 15 years, specializing in Chicano Style and Black-And-Grey fine line tattoos.

Sammy Tattoo Studio Guadalajara, Mexico | Salvador Rojas Photography

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Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
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Sammy Tattoo Studio
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