Earthquake Institute Release Party
Coconut Teaszers, Hollywood

The ground was shaking, bodies were rocking by the massive in Hollywood,Ca. The epic center was COCONUT TEASZERS, magnitude "10.0".� What a jolt the people of Hollywood experienced. It was not a wrath by nature though, it was THE EARTHQUAKE INSTITUTE along with 2ND STATE - TRILOGY - DISSNFRANCHISED - SIFAH and a host of other underground HipHop enthusiast cracking through the seals of concret blocks, and once again proving that the LATINO HipHop scene is alive and kicking! Over 400 strong came to support THE EARTHQUAKE INSTITUTE'S E.P.(Magnitude 10.0) Realese Party. Doesn't seem like much, but this scene in L.A. is growing by each show. Soon All of the world will feel the effects of our trembler. Much Love to all that have supported the Latino HipHop scene...


Sifah    Sunset Strip, Hollywood

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