The Beatnuts Record Release Party
Florentine Gardens in Hollywood
Heading down Hollywood Blvd, the lengthy line leading into the world famous Florentine Gardens in Hollywood, California was noticeable. The line was filled with Latinos, blacks, whites and Asians. Everyone standing patiently in line, waiting for the doors to open. What has drawn this huge crowd of hip-hop heads to Florentine Gardens? Well, waiting inside for the people is a record release party.

A release party for a Latino group out of the Corona section of Queens in New York by the name of The Beatnuts. As the Latin Hip-Hop Scene continues to grow, more support for the artists has become evident. Each show brings in more people and The Beatnuts packed them in.

It was a blessing for hip-hop heads in the West Coast when the promoters of Elements decided to bring The Beatnuts out for a performance. And The Beatnuts did not disappoint.

Despite the poor sound system (which sounds like it was designed to play dance music and not hip-hop) and the security guards (who made it their mission to ruin everybody's good time), The Beatnuts managed to rock the house. Performing cuts off their new album as well as their classic joints, The Beatnuts had the guys in the crowd bobbing their heads and girls shaking their bodies. The Beatnuts, at one time during the performance, had the stage filled with over 20 girls, all dancing to the Beatnut Sound. The love from the audience was apparent and The Beatnuts showed it back. Before singing their last song, The Beatnuts made a point to mention how much they love performing for Los Angeles.

And the night ended how it began, with the crowd feeding their positive energy back to the Beatnuts.

Written by Richard Montes
Photos by Sal Rojas


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