From Dysfunctional to Functional

Dear Sisters and Brothers,
I find myself in the confines of home cherishing every moment and thanking the Great Spirit for an opportunity to heal and to grow closer to loved ones.
A couple of days ago my sister and I saw the comedian Sinbad perform and he stated that dysfunctional families were part of the norm. But I wonder what all that means. Does it mean acceptance? Does it mean that we should be o.k. with the difficulties at home? Does that help with the pain? Does that give us the opportunity to realize that no family is perfect and that TV families never really existed? I do not know. In between it all I heard a commercial on the ABC network for a TV show stating, 'This is one of the most powerful shows of the season. A disfunctional family gathers for the holidays.' I asked myself, have things gotten so bad that the common American denominator is Dysfunctionalism. Is that the American way? Probably not, since dysfunctionalism is global, but I no longer want to call our problems dysfunctional. My family and I need to heal and grow. This season we are all finally trying to change our lives. And I thank the Great Spirit for that opportunity. I pray that all your families find themselves healing or healed, and that the Great Spirit blesses all of you on your journey.
One Love.

Cesar A. Cruz- Teolol

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