Bi-Coastal Unity HipHop Concert for Relief in Central America

Hip-hop grew as a form of street journalism for those who had no voice. Almost two decades later, a polarization has taken place between pop rap that's selling in the millions and underground hip-hop with its roots in hunger, struggle and social change. Amidst this backdrop, local hip-hop artists gathered to raise funds for victims of Hurricane Mitch in Central America.
Medusa, the impassioned queen of underground hip-hop, along with Aztlan Underground, Dilated Peoples, New York's Filthee Immigrants, Area 51 and various others gathered at Hollywood's Key Club for a historic event. On the 23rd of December nearing the new year, these underground giants united to awaken minds about the mass destruction that has hit Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and El Salvador.
In Central America, the hurricane has killed over 22,000 people and left thousands of children homeless. The hip-hop fund-raiser was organized by a local support group SOL Productions to help in the international relief effort. Local radio station 92.3 The Beat co-hosted the event, and the crowd also heard from a diverse group of speakers that included Compton's city mayor.
Often times when we are 'out-of-sight-and-out-of-mind,' tragedies like this one seem both distant and less important that the daily toil of our lives. However, the consciousness dropped by rappers Medusa and Aztlan Underground helped both connect the people and inspire them to give not only from their pockets but from their hearts as well. If music is supposed to inspire, hip hop was elevated to a higher level as we witnessed Angelenos uniting in time of social need. And this revolution was not televised.

Written by: Cesar A. Cruz

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