Spics are scared of Revolution

Note: This poem contains adult language and is not appropriate for younger readers.

Spics are scared of revolution
But Spics shouldn't be scared of revolution
Because revolution is nothing but change
And all Spics do is change,
Spics come in from work and change
into pimping clothes,
hit the streets to make some quick change
Spics change their hair from black to red to blonde
and hope by hell their looks will change
Spics kill other Spics
just because one didn't receive the correct change,
You hear Spics say things are changing,
Things are changing,
Spics always going through bullshit change,
but when it comes for real change,
Spics are scared of revolution.

Spics are actors,
Spics are actors, Spics act like they're in a hurry
to catch the first act of the Great White Hope,
Spics try to act like Tijerina,
but when the White Man doesn't react toward them
like he did Tijerina,
Spics want to act violently,
Spics act so coooool and slick
causing white people to say, "What makes them
Spics act like that!"
Spics act like you ain't ever seen nobody act before,
but when it comes to acting out revolution,
Spics say, I aint down for that action,
Spics are scared of revolution.

Spics fuck,
Spics fuck, fuck, fuck.
Spics love the word fuck.
They think it's so fucking cute
to fuck around.
But when you play a little to much for them,
they say, fuck you.
When you try to be nice to them,
they fuck both of you.
Spics don't realize while they're doing all this
they're getting fucked around,
and when they do realize it, it's too late,
so Spics just get fucked up.
Spics talk about fucking,
fucking that, fucking this,
fucking yours, fucking mine.
not knowing what they're fucking,
or what theyre fucking for...
they ain't fucking for love and appreciation,
just fucking to be fucking.
And as they continue to fuck,
the rape, the assault, the torture continues.
But Spics would fuck you,
Spics would fuck -fuck if it could be fucked,
But when it comes to giving a fuck about
revolutionary causes,
Spics say fuck revolution,
Spics are scared of revolution.

Spics are playas, Spics are playas, are playas, are
They play football, baseball and basketball,
while the White Man is selling them crack and
keepin' em at the mall,
Spics tell you they're ready to be liberated,
But when you tell them about revolution,
they reply,
I was just playin',
Spics are playin' with revolution and losing,
Spics are scared of revolution,

Spics do a lot of shootin',
Spics shoot off at the mouth,
Spics shoot pool,
Spics shoot craps,
Spics come around the corners
and shoot down the street,
Spics shoot dope into their arms,
and where are Spics when the revolution needs
yea you know,
Spics are somewhere shootin' the shit,
Spics are scared of revolution.

Spics are lovers, are lovers, are lovers,
Spics look to see the White Man make love to the
White actress,
Spics love to see Tarzan fuck all the Natives,
Spics love to see the Lone Ranger yell 'Hi ho
Spics are lovers, are lovers, are lovers,
Spics loved to hear Tijerina rap,
but they did not love Tijerina,
Spics love everything but themselves,

But I'm a lover too,
yep, I'm a lover too,
I love Spics, I love Spics, I love Spics,
Because Spics are me,
and I should only love that which is me,
I love to see Spics go through changes,
love to see Spics act,
love to see Spics make them plays and shoot the

but there's one thing about Spics I do not love,
Spics are scared of revolution.

Written by: Cesar A. Cruz

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