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   would charles darwin cringe in his boots? "it's time for you to go, good luck," states the mc of the show, or the zen master, who dismisses the 4th surviving member after she has been voted off by the other three.

   on the night of the 23rd of august, america and possibly the world gathered to watch a cbs show entitled 'survivor.' the premise, americans have been placed in a remote island to try to both survive and outlast each other. the winner receives 1 million dollars. interestingly enough, in the game of survival of the fittest, 4 whites remain. 2 male, 2 female. coincidence? is this entertainment? or are there deeper messages to dispel? on a personal note, i can't say that i have watched any episodes, with the exception of this finale, but i have heard much of the hoopla. walking into the international house, a student dorm, in the city of berkeley, students are gathered by the television watching intently. tonight, i find myself at a local pub where people are watching attentively, almost hypnotized. the game is the ultimate form of cut throat politics. if you're gone, you're gone. no ifs, ands or butts.

   according to the m.c. this is the rite of passage. three remain, two males, one female. fake tribal chants of a mythical hoopla serve as the sound track to a setting sun. i cannot watch much more of this. the implications are mind-boggling.

   i only hope that i am part of some conspiracy theory and that ultimately a show where people are pitted against one another, for money, and in the end only one is to be left standing, is just entertainment and has no social implications. Although billions have watched world-wide it cannot mean more, can it? i'm probably just a zany anti-culture advocate without much sense of the art and culture of the simple-minded.

   so i stand idly by. the hourglass is dropping the last grains of sand, and i just don't fit into the equation of culture in america. take this as the journal of an outcast from the island called survival of the fittest.

Cesar A. Cruz- Teolol

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