TV, People of Color, & Slavery

Haven't seen you on tv lately?" My people, is tv all you care about? What makes you react? What makes you tick? Why are people of color clones of each other? People are stuck on paparazzi. Our people are on tv. They appear daily on COPS, America's Most Wanted, and news at 11. Or they appear as 1990s Sambos making Amerikkka laugh for a cheap dollar. (Martin, Wayans Bros., Jaime Foxx, etc.)

Our people are on tv. Dying in Peru, Angola, Bosnia, Vietnam and East L.A.... but, Amerikkka only cares about a little white girl in Colorado. Our people are on tv. Running for their lives, escaping the cultural genocide, sponsored by the Rich side. (Top 1% of Amerikkkans control 80% of the Wealth. USA TODAY)

Baywatch is the number one show in the world... and we wonder why women are devalued, why the human experience is just about gettin' some, why little girls learn the words silicone, bulimia and anorexia before they learn the words 'self-respect' and 'freedom.' "Oh, Knight Rider, oh Disney's Prince Charming, if you're out there, won't you save us?"

Our people are on tv... selling drugs, gettin' high, crossing the border, rapin' & robbin', shootin' & killin', prostitutin' themselves from the silver screen to the tv screen... That's what I see, for you and me, on Amerikkka's MTV.

We've snorted Amerikkkan tv for so long that we're on a constant high. Oh migh'... now that's no lie. What do I mean? The Amerikkkan system of information (so-called Objective NEWS) has made us afraid of 'colored' folk, of 'freaks', of those who 'rebel', of anyone who is not White, Anglo-Saxon, Heterosexual, Male, Elite. The news on 2, 4, 7 and 11 proclaim that the rapist, the criminal, the gangster are 'colored folk'... [Excuse this interruption... Breaking News from Chopper One... We have caught the POSSIBLE rape suspect whose been charged with 500 years of rape, torture, land robbery, imperialism, and genocide... He's described as a possible Young, Black or Hispanic (Whose' panic?), Male, armed, and dangerous... do not be alarmed the POLICE have been called out for YOUR protection.]

Amerikkka is so high they'd lock up a poor, Black man for stealing a slice of pizza for twenty-five-years-to-life, and let a White man go free for stealing 1.9 billion dollars from Orange County. Nothing has changed... Nothing, except there are more people in the middle caste (or shall I say Middle Class) from communities previously underrepresented who would defend police departments, Central Intelligence Agencies, Immigration & Naturalization Gestapos, the U.S. Army or the Marines of any type of wrong doing before they would defend their own. Money talks, and these folk (whom we will call Vendidos, sell-outs, Uncle-Toms, Bananas, Coconuts, Oreos, Watermelons, and the like) are foaming at the mouth with dollars upon dollars stuck down their throat.

While all this confuses our minds, LA's twin towers( the Amerikkkan slave quarters- the new Prison Industrial Complex) has just gone up for operation. Slavery with chain gangs and forced labor is alive and well. Amerikkka has the largest number of human beings incarcerated of any industrialized nation (Over 1.5 million. USA TODAY). Therefore, it's no wonder why Multi-national corporations are buying slaves (I mean prisoners) for hard labor and thus have become our new slave Ma'ssa. (Slave master) Who are these people that are going to jail? Hard criminals? Real rapists? The F.B.I is not in jail for the murder of M.L.K., Malcolm X, for the establishment of the Counter Intelligence Program (COINTELPRO) which sought to crush liberation movements of so-called "third world" people. The C.I.A. is not in jail for funding wars in Central Amrica, for taking land in Africa, for dumping Cocaine on the concentration camps we now call barrios and ghettoes. Ronald Reagan and George Bush are not in jail for sleeping with Manuel Noriega....that is, for working closely as international partners for the upliftment of that 1% (The Elite.) Who is in jail?

Those who tell the truth (Mumia, Geronimo, Ramsey, Peltier, Shakur, Africa). Those who are modern day Robin-Hoods who rob to eat and steal to co-exist. Of course I am making vast generalizations but ask yourselves why Amerikkkas youth want Nike shoes or Nike clothes if it wasn't shoved down our throats by commercials, endorsements, and famous 'colored' ball-players? Why do we buy our own oppression?

'Niggas', chincs', wetbacks, bitches, white-trash, faggots and broke motha-fucka's don't realize who's got their eyes on the prize. They're hangin' us with corporate ties (the clothes for SUCCESS), daily lies (of humanitarian missions in Asia, Africa and Latin Amrica which are nothing more than wars for land and control), and recycled alibis.

When will we awaken and realize that our remote-controlled highs, will penetrate to our thighs, as we live a life of constant complaint and despise, for all we've learned is to backstab our sister, our brother, for a buck that's for I...I...I... Mine, mine, mine.

We've learned to rape, kill and destroy, in this well-quilted Amerikkkan ploy, for the sake of materialistic upliftment and joy. It will, it has and it shall pit our sister and brother, brown and black, red and yellow, gay and straight, young and old to kill each other for an Amerikkkan fantastic dream of galore... that's worn on 90210, Friends, or seen strutting to the Oscars or the Golden Globes... for what? We've become a materialistic, backstabbing, unsatisfied Amerikkkan whore...Oh my lord...

And all we can say is switch off the remote... But control, in this world, is no joke. For you and I may choose not to take a toke' of that smoke, or in plain English, kill or control the Remote. But the world is being choked by tv and Hollywood's second-hand smoke... that hides the stains of bloodshed in Versace, Hilfigger, Nike and Guess. And the masses still have the audacity to Guess why this world is a mess... shit, it's the mirror reflection of the rape and incest... that's perpetrated daily and hourly by our minds, our thoughts which are always on' stress about petty jobs, bills, and never really know how to perform 'sex'... when will we realize that it is US, who've become the slave masters of our own success.

Or shall we say excess?! Oh shit, the bell just rang, Amerikkka is on recess. Fuck it, less stress. "Do I look I well-dressed? Because, who cares if we regress to the innate madness of a depressed-state-of-the-union-address that seeks to enslave the minds, the bodies, and hearts of our nation, of our world... but, maybe I'm just being paranoid... but strap your minds just in case... for the season of corpse burning, in Amerikkka, is just about to take place. Brace yourself.

Written by: Cesar A. Cruz

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