A word on Teolol. Teolol is the Nahuatl (Uto-Aztec) word for the number zero. Both Mayans and Aztecs believed that the zero, the most important mathematical number was also representative of the balance of positive and negative numbers. As such, it was believed to be the balance of positive and negative energies.

I use Teolol with double meanings. In English it translates to someone who is nothing, a zero. Thus, I in the English language am nothing. My name is nothing. Therefore, my name is not what is important about me.

In Nahuatl, as it represents the balance of energies it helps incorporate Eastern philosophies that speak of the yin(g) and the yan(g), of every person having a male and a female component. It is the search for the balance between the darkness and the light. The night and the day.

That is a part of my journey.

Written by: Cesar A. Cruz

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