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"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having New Eyes"- Marcel Proust. Quote taken from the County of Los Angeles Natural History Museum (by the Dinosaur Hall).

On the heels of the NuAi Tribe's release of the Detention & Recess album, Aaron and Rahten5Star got together on some sessions with banging Jack Spade beats. They show-and-proved (once again) that they remain prolific on some positive energy! These cats stayed hot and recorded a batch of good-vibe songs that flowed so smoothly- they have to be some of the best in the game. Week by week, seriously, they would write and record a song Monday / Tuesday; by the end of the week: broadcasting a video for that same track! Each and every song a heater! It just came so natural ('cause that's what they do). Like a well-oiled machine, they got the assembly-line going with the team (including Shorty's Sons Films/ MISOL Tribe Multimedia). They put together 13 gems that would have made it one of the best albums of the year. But it was never an album... it was a collection of songs with the potential to re-inspire that fire in hip-hop.

See, a lot of people enjoy music. But for some, music is a sanctuary, a comfort zone, if you will, and a means to escape the agitations of the world. It's no wonder, songs have always been connected to worship; and hip-hop (in its root sense) is as ancient as the drum. So when A10 filters out life's distortions and puts out something fresh & new, they're only taking it back to the old days... when the lyrics were cultivated and the beats therapeutic. This is an honest representation of an art manifested in the streets and these "reality songs" prove that the dope Los Angeles underground soundtrack doesn't have to be about gang banging. It's like the everyday bustle of the City that sounds so familiar to us, and when we hear it, it feels like home. It absolutely becomes a different place, when "serving" your rival is done with a microphone instead of a gun and "battles" are showdowns of skill, instead of homicides. Imagine that... music being a remedy for violence, instead of a catalyst for it.

A10 featured one artist on Last of the Old School. It was none other than: Kwixminded One from NONOTUS. An original member of the Misol Tribe, Kwix is known for his unmistakable, fluid rap-style and sharp attention to detail. This brother does not play games or follow bandwagons, you'll see. He's the one with the native braids and wearing an old-school Kangol hat. Anyone that knows the homie Kwixminded will tell you he's always remained the same person and kept it true. His dedication to the good sounds has led him to study the science of recording. Plus, he could play the piano and tickle them ivories.

One more thing, the fact that Aaron and Rahten5Star (who known each other from high school) have been recording in home studios for years definitely gives experience to the team. A10 is tech-savvy and the network is vast! Check out the Not a Bios (Vol.1-6) on YouTube and you'll see what happens when the underground has a platform and the streets have a voice. I must say, it is a blessed feeling to see the master�s bust out the Apple Laptops and connect the M-Audios right here in the heart of the ghettos. I call A10 masters because they have chosen the path of showing others how to use modern methods of recording to express their message. Every Friday evening they lend themselves to the community and mentor all ages at Going Hard N Da Paint workshops at Self Help Graphics new location (1 Street and Mission) in front of the Eastside Goldline stop. There you could find Rahten and Aaron teaching others how to develop the artists in themselves, strictly for the love of it. What else would you expect from this Camp? Just stay tuned to see what the Misol Tribe has planned for 2012! The REVOLUTION WILL NOT BE TELEVISED!

from Occupied L.A.

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A10: - Rahten5Star & Aaron - "Not An Album" Produced by Jack Spade by nuAi[new-eye]

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