Rahten5Star - Mr.SagNMyJeans album review

Introducing Mr.SagNMyJeans "Will" Rahten5Star� The third eye of the nuAi Tribe, world-beat producer, sound-engineer extraordinaire; the only rapper to flip the Spanish lingo on the Homeboy Industries� "Big Layoff" album (we caught that), and long-time in this hip-hop movement: Make-things-happener. You know Rahten's from the city, a Mid-city kid with a style that'll leave you digging the skills, because game recognizes game. Mr.SagNMyJeans a.k.a. Baggy Pantalones is a positive role-model, a gentleman and a scholar. He's not the type that breaks down the door when he comes in. He knocks on the door, first, but makes his presence known once he's on the scene. Rahten5Star is one of those naturally, good-spirited persons, in that, he doesn't have to try hard to be cool. It's engrained in his personality like instincts.

Mr. SagNMyJeans is Rahten's solo album, but he features his partners. One of them (known as LB) from the Action Packed Lyrical Squad comes out on a few tracks. "L.B. is the Lyrical Squad in A.P.L.S.", says this Los Angeles mascot and acknowledges their roots in the Hood Cats hip-hop clan. From "their callin me a Renegade" to chillin� "In the Back of the Club", he could be found hanging with his crew on any given Friday afternoon, "Come holla @ yourboy!"

�On the Cookie Crumbles with...� (who is this guy Aaron?) None-other-than, the one-and-only AaRon from the nuAi Tribe, this pair does it again, and represents a prime example of why these guys are sifu (masters) at the HNDP workshop. They create good moods through their songs; and use music to brighten perspectives on these battlefields of life. That good ol' vibe is medicina. The lyrical therapy is very effective. If you ever feel stressed-out, just encapsulate yourself in the sounds. Guaranteed, the negative dispositions will disappear. And these guys are way cool, you-could-bring-your-kids-over-to-pad-and-record cool. For those of you that are in familiar circles, you already know that when these two team up - the music is A 10.

On a fire-ass Jack Spade beat, Mr.SagNMyJeans also collaborates with his cousin BK Cyph from New York City, showing that coast to coast unity. It�s all family. BK Cyph is definitely in the business; in the roundtable with Sway and the 20 HOTTEST EMCEES (his album is called �Never Sell Crack!�) �This Is Not Paradise� is a dose of reality that exists in the ghettos. Distance can be no barrier to solidarity when fighting the good fight, all things are possible with the Lord. They really are soldiers on the front lines. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places...

When the homeboy Sekreto was in the house, he told me that Rahten's grandfather was the legendary Willy Bobo- making him the nephew of Eric Bobo (one of the greatest hip-hop percussionists in the world). Now, I already respected Mr.SagNMyJeans because of his blessed skill-level and that didn't change; but once I understood his family tree, it all kinda made sense. Not only is it forged N his genes, but in his upbringing in music and early exposure to show business. He continued dedicating himself to what he loved and studied entertainment industry business at UCLA. So Rahten's knowledgeable and can't be suckered like a lot of corporate artist are... But he's a fool, man, for real. You gotta listen to the album to see what I mean. He says, "Just because I got a sag N my jeans, don't mean that I'm ghetto and I can't have a dream - I love Hip-Hop, I pray to a beat. Write rhyme, I catch a tag when I walk on the streets!"

That's Real,
Los Angeles

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photo by ESkribe.Uno

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