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Kristastrophe by Sal Rojas
Kristastrophe rocking the stage at the Mexica New Year (2015) / Sal Rojas Photography

The 7th Sol is Kristastrophe's latest CD, but it is also his first official full-length album. After a few mixtapes and an EP release under his belt, Kris decided it was time to drop his masterwork. So he set out to produce this album. Graduating with honors from the HNDP Music Academy, Kristastrophe developed firm microphone presence, both on stage and in the booth. Never at a loss for words, he speaks with a poets voice. Plus when the beat drops, his lyrical abilities are captivating.

From his first recording sessions (setting up protools) to collecting bounced tracks, Kris devoted his free time learning how to refine his recordings. He furthered his scope of knowledge by dabbling in layering beats, and also picked up on useful mixing techniques along the way. With this broad overall understanding of the process, he was ready to executively produce his own album. And when the time was right, he called in a select team of talented producers and artists (with whom he has networked and performed with over the years) to help him bring it into fruition. Under his creative control, and piece-by-piece, his debut album manifested into a work that will enlighten listeners for years to come. That�s because Kristastrophe is� The 7th Sol.

The album itself is filled with thought-provoking content and subject matter that could be studied in a college semester course. But for the sake of brevity, I�ll recommend you to check out his videos. The audio/visual presentations speak volumes.

Kristastrophe - Trumpeted Exile ft. King Darius & Dodger Blue

Trumpeted Exile was his first single off the album. It was shot �on location� in his hometown of Boyle Heights, California and deals with the concept of gentrification (which has become a hot topic in the area, lately). Paradigms of colonization destroying symbols of our culture is a problem that is almost 5oo years in the making, but there has always been a voice of dissent. From the Spanish European invasion of indigenious nations for the purpose of expanding their wealth, to corporate America tearing down historical monuments in our neighborhoods (for the same purpose), the rich and powerful are reminded that not all the natives submit quietly. Kristastrophe, King Darius and Dodger Blue do a good job of describing the parallels in true lyrical form. The beat was produced by Shovel and Hammer. The video was filmed and edited by Eyekon Fotography.

Perhaps the biggest reason for bringing a problem to light, is to offer a solution. Or the initial steps toward one. Case in point: the second single off the 7th Sol album called Organize (Featuring King Darius, A.O.D.,and Dreco GremGoyle. Sample-free production by Sirk One. Music video directed and produced by WHYELFILES). Yes people, we have to organize and rise above the lies they provide. You can�t believe your ears or your eyes. That�s because there�s only a handful of networks controlling 90% of what we hear and see. They�re not in the business to create critical thinkers, on the contrary, their main objective is to breed consumers. They couldn�t care less about humanity. Improving society is not on their agenda, so every message they broadcast serves to dumb-down the population. That�s why you won�t hear a conscious hip-hop artist like Kristastrophe on mainstream radio, rhyming about relevant signs of the times. Instead, they would rather promote a wack foo, rapping about his �first time� he had a sexual encounter. And the radio waves will repeat that song every 10 minutes. That�s the difference.


So, the �rising above� part pertains to being more selective in regards to what choices we make. Music, and otherwise. Using discernment can change the causes we are furthering. Instead of purchasing a ticket to a �famous celebrity� concert, why not drop a few bucks at the door of a Kristastrophe underground show? He performs frequently at bars and nightclubs around town. Check out his website: KRISTASTROPHE.COM and find out when he�s performing near you.

If you think this is a call to action, well... it really is. Only because he produced this awesome album himself, he promotes it (between him and his brother King Darius) on social networks, and he even printed professional copies of the album himself. Not for the purpose of pushing mass units; but in the hopes of a copy landing in the hands and reaching the ears of a listener that will actually benefit from its message. Kris �Kristastrophe� Lomeli is a down to earth person - a genuine emcee that hasn�t lost his original passion for hip-hop. On one specific track on the album, he spits a rhyme over a beatbox assault by a certain Joe Grizzly. Pure dopeness! Sure, Kristastrophe is trying to change the world and make it a better place, but that doesn�t mean he�s going to stop having fun with it. That�s what it�s all about. He really is dedicated to preserving the art-form, so much so, that he hosts an open mic ceremony once a month at the Holy Grounds Cafe (in El Sereno, California). He doesn�t do it as cheezy marketing scheme to promote his music, or as a Public Relations move to gain popularity. He honestly, and wholeheartedly seeks to help the community.

One more thing before we wrap up this review. The only thing Kristastrophe requested to be mentioned: was to express his gratitude and thank everyone that helped him on the project, bringing his dream into reality. Here are the credits:

Producers - Shovel & Hammer, Dodger Blue, Laboratory Instrumentals, Sirk One, Angel Lomeli, Foxworthy, Dj Dubb One, Joe Grizzly, and Donel Smokes

Featured Emcees - Dodger Blue, MC Rey3, Mr. SagNMyJeans, King Darius, Need a Fix?, Killa Teck, Mescalito, A.O.D., and Dreco GremGoyle

Skits by Mikezz, Tracks Mixed by Kristastrophe and King Darius Lomeli, Mastered by Mihkil Zumweffil

So there it is. Feel free to contact Kristastrophe on his website KRISTASTROPHE.COM. Congratulate him for his amazing work. Purchase a copy of the album directly from him (ask him to autograph it). And encourage him to make more videos. Can�t wait to see the next one...

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