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Bigg Ceeze was born in East Los Angeles California in 1972. He has been an artist since the age of five, at a young age he found a passion for art. Heavily influenced by his uncle Johnny, his uncle helped him to understand art and encouraged him to never give up on his talent, because one day it would leave a mark in someone�s life. Ceeze lost his uncle Johnny at the age of 15, he gave up on art. Raised in a non-structured family environment he was led to gangs and drugs.

At the age of 17, he received his first tattoo with a homemade tattoo machine that was made from a walk-man motor, mechanical pencil, and a guitar string. That homemade tattoo connected him back to his passion for making art. He then picked up an airbrush and began to put his artwork on t-shirts; occasionally tattooing, it became evident that tattooing was his passion.

Art by Bigg Ceeze / Mi Familia

Making a life change he removed himself from the gang life and drugs. He relocated to the City of Chino, California where he attended Calvary Chapel Chino Valley and found the love for Christ and became a Christian. While still airbrushing he wanted to pursue tattooing. He walked into a local shop in Montclair, California to ask a question, he was initially not taken seriously, just as he was getting ready to walk out the owner of the shop Johnny Quintana came out from the back and offered to help him. Johnny answered his questions and tuned his tattoo machines, Bigg Ceeze told Johnny that he was an airbrush artist but he really enjoyed tattooing. Johnny then asked him where his passion was, �tattooing� was his answer. Johnny Quintana then flooded Ceeze with useful wisdom and told him to focus on tattooing and to forget everything else.

�You don�t want to be the jack of all trades, and the master of none. So pick one and master it.� - Johnny Quintana

Searching for a tattoo shop to get into he landed a position in a shop in Fullerton, California where he met Johnny Bones Martinez. Johnny Bones took Ceeze under his wing and showed him some new techniques. Bones also took Ceeze to his first tattoo exposition.

Always being talked down about being a tattoo artist, much less a Christian artist made him fight even harder to achieve the goals he had set for his life. Taking what he had learned from Bones and Quintana he took a position at a tattoo shop in Pomona, California. After meeting his beautiful wife Sandy he began traveling to different states to do more tattoo conventions and meeting different people in the industry that he was passionate about. While in Denver, Colorado for a convention he met Adrian �O.G. Spider� Castrejon who at that time was the owner of Mi Familia Tattoo Studio in Anaheim, California. Spider had mentioned to Ceeze that he had an opening in his shop for a tattoo artist and without a second thought he jumped ship and became a part of Mi Familia, he knew that working with Spider would help him improve his tattooing skills, not knowing that move would also get him back into airbrushing. Spider gave him tips and hints that took his tattooing and airbrushing to the next level. Putting amazing artwork on canvas and starting his own t-shirt line, called BC Style Clothing.

Bigg Ceeze and his wife Sandy were offered the opportunity to purchase Mi Familia Tattoo Studio from O.G. Spider in November of 2012, taking the blessing that had been set in front of them they purchased the tattoo studio keeping the name Mi Familia Tattoo Studio, keeping the Family intact and doing unimaginable beautiful art.

Tattoos by Bigg Ceeze / Mi Familia Tattoo Studio

Ceeze has been tattooing for over 15 years, specializing in black and grey realism, portraits, and Japanese art with vibrant colors.

Today Bigg Ceeze has been in several magazines, he is award winning artist, and travels all over the country. His artwork is sold nationwide, his talent and artwork have grown from t-shirts to canvas prints, candles, jewelry, phones cases, and much more. He gives thanks to his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for his talent and life, his beautiful wife Sandy, Johnny Bones, Johnny Quintana, and OG Spider for all their help and being a part of his success.

Bigg Ceeze on Ink Masters

Coming this summer!! Don't forget to mark your calendars and check out the new Season 6 of "Ink Master" premiering June 23rd on Spike TV! Bigg Ceeze was blessed to be on the season 6 with 17 other talented artist!!

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