Concrete Saints
Bacardi Riam, Knosense and St. Louis of Concrete Saints / photo taken by @csikmixing

Concrete Saints The Hustle feat. Sick Jacken

Concrete Saints' "The Hustle" featuring Sick Jacken of The Psycho Realm.

The track is produced by Cynic of Street Platoon and the cuts are by DJ Babu of the hip-hop group Dilated Peoples.

Concrete Saints:
This Los Angeles trio met while working on their own solo careers & decided to team up after recording a few songs, Knosense, Bacardi Riam and St. Louis of The Druglab were given their name The Concrete Saints by Big Duke of The Psycho Realm. The collective made their debut releasing "John Doe" & "Out Here" online via various blog sites in 2009. Shortly after they were featured on Sick Jacken's Stray Bullets on "Trial & Adversity" and on the remix of their "Out Here". Members of The Concrete Saints have collaberated with other very well respected artists such as GZA, Killah Preist, Planet Asia, DJ Muggs and are currently working on a full length self-titled LP while displaying their own style of uncut beats, rhymes, & life doing shows in Los Angeles & surrounding areas. You may have just been introduced to The Concrete Saints but it is certain that this will not be the last you hear from them...

Go to and get your free download of "The Hustle" feat. Sick Jacken.

Directed by MadsTheHated

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