Mictecacihuatl, The Underworld Queen, Original Goddess of Dia de los Muertos

Day of the Dead Written by Sal Rojas

It�s that time of year again when the fall air turns crisp and the leaves change to brown. The Mexican-based holiday of �Dia de los Muertos� is celebrated on November 1st for All Saint�s Day and on November 2nd for All Soul�s Day. This celebration has its roots in Mexica (Aztec) mythology. The female Mexica deity Mictecacihuatl was the Queen of Mictlan (The Mexica underworld). She guarded the skull and bones of the dead and presided over the ancient festivals of the dead.

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During the early 1500�s, The Spaniard Hernan Cortez and his Conquistadors invaded and conquered Tenochtitlan (Modern Mexico City) with the help of La Malinche and neighboring rivals of the Mexica people. The Spanish not only brought steel weapons and their cruelty to the new world, they also brought diseases and their religion. Forcing their religious beliefs on the indigenous population created a merger of Mexica traditions with Spanish Catholic beliefs. This fusion has been evolving for the past 500 years and modern �Day of the Dead� festivities have now become big business, but the celebration of life and the life of our ancestors will always be the genesis.

Like the title of Mexican artist Frida Kahlo�s last painting before her death, �Viva La Vida�. Long live life because none of us can escape death. Let�s celebrate and remember the life of our loved ones that passed away with art, culture and food.

Que Viva La Vida!
Salvador Rojas de Digital Aztlan Studios

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