Delinquent Habits New Video and EP

Delinquent Habits

Delinquent Habits New Free EP titled "Nighttime Play"

Delinquent Habits has got a free new EP called 'NIGHTTIME PLAY + Seven Rare Gems' - also including a 45 minute Delinquent Habits mix hosted and mixed by DJ MarkLuv of Zulu Tribe Radio / BReal TV. This is only available on

Delinquent Habits has also put out a new music video to go with the EP. Visit their official site and see what they have done for you as an appetizer before their new official Delinquent Habits album drops during the 1st quarter of 2016!

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Delinquent Habits' 'Nighttime Play' Music Video

Nighttime Play was originally released for the album "Freedom Band" back in 2003. The music video was filmed in Lima, Peru 2014 and finally feleased for the first time together with their new EP "Nighttime Play +SevenRareGems", and is now available exclusively on their official website:

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