Kahlee Feat. DJDap Green Zone Official Video

Kahlee photo courtesy of Depiktions.com

Much has changed since the release of Kahlee�s first solo record, �Man of Many Hats� in 2008. From his group project, �The Seed� to his recent EP �Here I Am� Kahlee has continued to sharpen his craft as a business man and emcee, while focusing his song writing skills to project his life experiences without filter. �Blessed� is a conceptual piece based on Kahlee�s life. Touching on everything from; love & fatherhood to questioning religion & confronting family issues. But with such a personal collection of songs, �Blessed� still manages to bring the hard beats, clever lyricism and fresh scratches you expect when listening to a Kahlee record.

DJ DAP / Machete Produccion

Machete Produccion 2015
Beat : Azad
Prod: DapLapsMuzik
Los Angeles x Bogot�
Camara : Sal Rojas Photography � www.salrojas.com
Camara y Direcci�n: David Ot�lvaro (Bogot�)

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