L.A. Story

L.A. STORY / Photos and Words by Sal Rojas

A Lowrider Cultural Event

Photos taken on Saturday, July 25, 2015

Amazing art by Julian Mendoza featuring Chicana model Lisa Love / Photo by Sal Rojas

Art Exhibition and Benefit for Plaza de La Raza

The Exodus Event�s staff have received critical acclaim for creating exceptional events like their Day of the Dead �El Velorio� and the Lucha Libre themed �La Bulla�.

Their latest event, �L.A. Story� (July 25, 2015), was dedicated to the history of the Los Angeles. You cannot talk about the history of Los Angeles without the original Angelinos, the people of Mexican descent.

The Iconic Zoot Suit by Ignacio Gomez / Photo by Sal Rojas

Even though Hollywood and the media elite try their best to marginalize us as a people, our culture is strong and this show / exhibit did a great job portraying Mexicans / Chicanos in a positive light.

The art gallery was curated by Venice original Pep Williams and featured a diverse collection of art and photography capturing the Mexican-American low-rider experience.

The talented Adriana D. Avila and Family / Photo by Sal Rojas

On display were masterpieces from the originators like the Godfather of Chicano art and lettering Chaz Bojorquez and master fine-art artist Julian Mendoza. Julian Mendoza is the Chicano artist behind the hand drawn Pachuca portraits featuring low-rider bombs.

The Legendary Gypsy Rose Lowrider / Photo by Sal Rojas

Not to be ignored is the new generation of social media photographers that use tools like Instagram to spread the low-rider culture to the world.

�Gypsy Rose�, one of the most famous low-riders in the world. It is one of the most influential low-riders ever built and is a proud member of the Imperials Car Club.

Danny Cee and his Hand Drawn Tribute to Gypsy Rose / Photo by Sal Rojas

One of the most famous low-riders in the world �Gypsy Rose� was a big part of the event. The Gypsy Rose is one of the most influential low-riders ever built and is a proud member of the Imperials Car Club.

This great night of art and music ended with Lincoln Heights originals TIERRA performing live all their classics songs from their archives.

Reporting from Plaza de la Raza,
Salvador Rojas

Plaza de La Raza
3540 N Mission Rd
Los Angeles CA 90031

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