Los Angeles Most Wanted
Los Angeles' Most Wanted

Open the Door by Ronin Gray featuring Lil Gangster 213 and Wicked Rob

Produced by CP of ArtClub International

Introduction by DJ Julio G of West Side Radio

Directed by Angelo Costa

Brand new music video from Ronin Gray�s latest EP �The Red Dragon� available for free download on datpiff.com.

Sampling Ralfi Pagan�s classic "Abreme La Puerta", Ronin returns with his allies Wicked Rob and Lil Gangster 213. What makes this union unique is that each represents a different side of Los Angeles county. Lil G 213 is from Compton, south of Los Angeles. Wicked Rob is from the MacArthur Park area which is the west side of L.A. and Ronin is from Boyle Heights, just east of the city.

Ronin Gray

The concept for the collaboration was birthed when writer D. Baptiste developed the idea through a script. The song was actually made to be on the motion picture soundtrack for the �Los Angeles' Most Wanted� film. The film was to touch on the media's negative projection of Mexican-American�s (Chicanos), hence the news report segment of the music video. The group is collectively asking hip-hop to open its doors to them. Chicanos have long had a love and passion for rap music which is why the sample is derived from a Ralfi Pagan love song. The video is cut between three major landmarks of the city. The Compton court house, MacArthur Park, and Boyle Heights' Mariachi Plaza.

For more info visit : RoninGray.com | Download Ronin Gray's The Red Dragon

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