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Sicko Soldado Live in El Paso, Texas!

Sicko is a crude appeal on the outside, a street rebel on the inside. A soldier prepared for the war zone with a non-violent objective. Sicko creates a unique mixture of a style uncommonly known. Causing a mental illusion with a powerful lyrical formation of words and events in twined with melodramatic rhythms. He is eager to manifest his culture with placid messages. Sicko will definitely prevail in this hip-hop scenario we call life. He has worked paving his way to an even higher aspiration at the same time that he was evaluating the revolution and modulated to a new age era when he initiated a movement formally identified as "Psycho Sequel" later to be "Dos Rivales" meaning two rivals. It unleashed a raw sound with a graspy voice united with a Krazy female vocalist. Showing the true side of Mexican-American barrio street life, and turning it into a reality check in verses and firme choruses executing performances. Proving that unity makes our neighborhoods stronger. Sicko had began booking shows in cities of whom where unheard of, promoting sample units in concrete localities, contributing time and money to support fellow underground artist and la causa, the cause. His name came from the place he was raised. Sunland Park, New Mexico was where he became "Sicko" considered in the calles as the sickest of the crowd. Introducing flows at house parties. Transferring so much energy through a ravenous microphone and steadily grabbing the attention of his people. He immediately forms an army of true followers that believe in this movement. Within a matter of years, he became well known throughout the southwest region. He started to get featured on albums created by great producers and shared the stage with a variety of other Latin Hip-Hop rap artist such as Kemo the Blaxican, Mellow Man Ace, Kid Frost, Proper Dos, Lil Rob and La Sinfonia, in many cities and their hot spots like The House of Blues in Los Angeles, The Aztlan Theater in Denver, El XO in Juarez, Mex. Also Teatro Revolucionario in Tijuana. He filmed his first video that aired on "The Roof" on Mun2 and had a live performance with Kemo the Blaxican on L.A. TV. Made a special appearance at the Latin Rap Conference in San Diego. Sicko, determined to remain true to his mission, he continues his movement. Being a main ingredient of the Dead Silence, he now has many projects on the works. Including the release of the yet to be album of the year that contains special appearances by Kemo, Mostro, Jehu and Monomaniac of Life Support. Killer beats by Topik and Kemo that are giving a defined Hispanic flavor with a revolutionary flare. Working on a few compilations that are distributed through the U.S. and Mexico. He continues to rock the stage at important venues but yet remains humble enough to still do house parties in his barrio. He has also become a role model for the youth that is growing up in gang warfare leading them to positive activities. Yet is intimidating at first glance to new comers and competitive rappers. He is also a spokesperson and representative for Joint Clothing and the featured male model on their web site and promotional flyers that are distributed world wide. Setting footsteps in history of Latino Hip-Hop, Sicko continues his march and will certainly leave behind a message that will never be forgotten. He survived this battle virtually unchanged; a street poet that has changed the way Chicano rap is viewed. With his heart set on musick we will definitely continue to hear from Sicko in years to come. Sicko is dropping his first solo album under Dead Silence Records, an evolutionized soldier that has just begun. Uniquely, La Krazy Girl.

Meet and Greet:
April 17, 5-7pm
Sick West Tattoo Shop 803 Sunland Park Dr. 79912

April 17 at 8pm
Bombardiers Night Club
109 E. Castellano Drive 79912

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