TATUaje - Event Review and Photos...

Paul Barrientos, Freddy Negrete and Johnny Bones
Paul Barrientos, Curator Freddy Negrete, and Johnny Bones

TATUaje by Exodus Events
Plaza de la Raza
3540 N Mission Rd
Los Angeles CA 90031

Last Saturday (September 12th, 2015), Exodus Events threw another dope art show (one of several lately) at the historic venue aptly named Plaza de La Raza in Lincoln Heights, California. Legendary tattooist Freddy Negrete curated the works of nearly 75 tattoo artists, many of whom are the biggest names in the industry today. Negrette has been credited with pioneering the popular fine-line, black-and-grey style that has been seen all over the world. From the days of the original Good Time Charlie's Tattooland parlor in East Los Angeles, he established his reputation as one of the best ink-slingers in the business. Nicknamed el Coyote, he emerged from a Chicano subculture where every neighborhood has at least one good tattooist. He took an art-form that was developed in prison cells and backyard garages, and grew it into a well-respected genre followed by all segments of society today.

The TATUaje event itself had a lot to offer entertainment-wise: from live band performances, to live tattooing booths, where artists showcased their TATUaje techniques. Plus, a packed lake-side dance floor was poppin´┐Ż with patrons letting loose. The exhibit itself (held in the Boathouse Gallery) displayed hand-picked works by prominent artists that are already well-known for body art, but are also talented with other mediums. Acrylic paintings, pencil on wood, and charcoal drawings are just a few forms of expression that caught the eye of curious onlookers, and art aficionados alike. The diverse mix of people (race, age and gender) spoke of this art-forms growing popularity and acceptance into the mainstream.

Written by Skribe One and Sal Rojas Photography.

Art Exhibition curated by Freddy Negrete

Victor Sepulveda
Victor Sepulveda with his masterpiece "Lovely Devil".
Rebel Hernandez

Rebel Hernandez with his amazing piece titled "Painful Passion".
Fonzy Greaskull
Fonzy with his massive eye-buster art piece titled "Heartless".

Exhibiting Artists: Jaime Schene + Bob Tyrell + Big Gus + Isaac Pelayo + Jack Rudy + Good Time Charlie + Allen Rivera + Rich Pineda + Bob Roberts + Carlos Torres + Chuey Quintanar + Johnny Quintana + Antonio Pelayo + Shawn Barber + Alan Padilla + Mark Mahoney + Isaiah Negrete + Dr Woo + Louie Perez III + Asa Crow + Max Hanson + Amalia Mahoney + Tania Zatikian + Freddy Negrete + and many more...

TATUaje Gallery
Main art piece titled "Por un Amor" by Johnny Quintana. Photography by SalRojas.com

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