Immortal Technique
Immortal Technique Concert Dates

Immortal Technique July 2015 Concert Dates

Friday July 10th
The Regent Theater
Los Angeles, California
All Ages | Doors Open 7pm � $30.00

Saturday July 11th
The Glasshouse
Pomona, California
All Ages | Doors Open 8pm � $24.00

Sunday July 12th
Fremont Country Club
Las Vegas, Nevada
21+ | Doors Open 8pm � $15.00

I�m throwing 3 exclusive shows next month upon my return to California. I�m also hoping to finish a couple of the new records for The Middle Passage while I�m there. I have been quietly chipping way at this masterpiece. There a few West Coast artists that you have been asking me to connect with for a while and it just worked out that way. While I cannot leak it yet, you�ll be happy. Also, hopefully I�ll make it back to the famous Joe Rogan podcast again. As for South Africa, and any other dates in the fall/winter, those will probably be announced in August or early September, thank you.

Also, It�s always a blessing to come back to my second home, to see my Peruvian and Mexican family that I love so much. I think it�s disgusting when people decide to bash immigrants for political gain or simple to try and get yourself in the press. The people who immigrate here from South & Central America are not only from Mexico but from so many diverse backgrounds, Guatemala, El Salvador, and many others. The vast majority of these fellow human beings are very dedicated, beautiful and hardworking people whose spirit has never been broken.

To see yet another socially irresponsible presidential candidate use language which causes violence against innocent families is disgusting. Demonizing people by calling them all rapists and criminals is just a new low. And take note that these cowards always go after the people with the least power in the situation, remember that. Not once do they stand in front of the companies that make billions off of this near slave labor ever year. They probably own those companies. They will though, curse and yell racist things at a bus full of children to feel brave. Smh But you�ll lose along with the other bigots. I never watched Miss USA pageant, you know I think that�s bullshit. But I�m not giving my business to anything or anyone connected to these hateful people anymore. We are one human race ladies and gentlemen. The people trying to divide us want to censor and white wash history to prevent us from seeing how much more we have in common than we have apart. We are the most forgiving people in the world.

I will never leave you. I will give you what you have been waiting for. All the places you have asked me to come. I�m coming there soon. I Love you. - Immortal Technique

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