Legends Never Die Art Show

"The Legends Never Die" art show will be taking place at Mi Vida in Highland Park (5159 York Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90042) on Saturday June 13, 2015. This show is the continuation from last years Teen Angels Art Gallery. With the passing of the founder of Teen Angels Magazine, Teen Angel, we wanted to celebrate and pay homage to the artist. Thirty-two plus artists will be showing their art that commemorates Teen Angel and the magazine that he started Teen Angels Magazine.

Some of the artists included are: Chuco Moreno, Richard Sanchez, Benjie Escobar, Matt McCormick, Jason McCafee, Leane �El Rod� Rodriguez and many more...

This event is put together by editor of the last three issues of Teen Angels Magazine, Richard Castor, with the help of store / gallery owner Noelle Reyes, this show is sure to be a mixture of different styles, but all within the �Teen Angel Style� Covering such topics as Lowriding, Cholos, Cholas, Chicano culture, and just life in the Barrio.

Teen Angels Magazine was started in 1981 by Teen Angel. The magazine was a collection of stories, articles, pictures, artworks, and poems from around the southwest. It was all uncensored and anybody was able to submit content. It included a lot of life in the barrio. Chicanos and others from lower class neighborhoods we�re very attracted to the magazine and submitted heavily. Later prison artwork and letters were included. The magazine never discriminated, and continued to thrive especially in the late 80s and early 90s. In 1996 Johnny �Smiley" Holland took over as owner and editor, and in 2013 Richard Castor took over as Editor, and continued the vision of Teen Angel.

Teen Angel was an artist out of San Jose, California. He was heavily in the lowrider community, doing artwork for clubs and businesses. He created many murals, and later worked for Lowrider Magazine at it�s beginning. He started Teen Angels Magazine, and continued his artwork in and out of the magazine. Even after selling the magazine to his son. He continued his art and became a staple in the lowrider community.

Richard Castor is an artist out of La Puente, California. In 2001 he moved to San Bernardino, and met with Travieso and Payaso of TEEN ANGELS, through them he later he would meet Smiley. After working with them for years, in 2013 it was decided that Travieso and Rich would be in charge of the magazine. Rich with his background in art and graphic design and not to mention knowledge of the magazine and it�s lifestyle would ran with it. He created the next 3 issues and brought the name of Teen Angels Magazine back alive.

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