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Pass The Mic! A Latinos in Hip-Hop Documentary

This Documentary is dedicated to the Memory of George Anthony Montes. This project would not have been made possible without his contribution.

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Synopsis: A documentary exploring the unique history o f Latinos in Hip-hop. Latinos have been involved with hip-hop from day one, but never received the recognition they rightfully deserved. Four years in the making, "Pass The Mic!" tells the story straight from the artists' perspective.

Running Time: Approx. 60 minutes

Executive Producers:

Director/ Editor:
George Anthony Montes
John Montes
Sal Rojas
Richard Montes

Full credits will be posted upon completion

  • Aztlan Underground
  • Mellow Man Ace
  • Molotov
  • Psycho Realm
  • Delinquent Habits
  • Proper Dos
  • Conejo
  • Capone
  • Street Platoon
  • Mafiosos
  • Brown Town Looters
  • Seditious Beats
  • Lighter Shade of Brown
  • And many more
Music from 5th Battalion.
Several music videos
Unique Concert Footage
Backstage Footage
Photo Shoots
Making of Music Videos

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To Contact Filmmaker:
Send Request to:
Richard Montes
P.O. Box 573
La Puente, Ca 91747
[email protected]

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