Kristastrophe - From a Poet's Point of View

From a Poet's Point of View - by Kristastrophe

Just picture a poetry-night atmosphere, Jim Morrison style, bass instrumental playing and fingers snapping. Then Kristastrophe comes in, busting an 80-bar rhyme verse about his life experiences, that's his KRISTODUCTION! He mentions ups and downs and contemplates his own actions. It's a thoughtful narrative that perceives the blessings born in tragedies and evokes a positive message: that persistence pays off.

Kris describes his love with music as a ROMANTIC ROLLERCOASTER. It sounds like a shaky relationship in the beginning (without consistency), but when he gave his interest some attention - the infatuation blossomed and a love was solidified by devotion. Now she's the best thing to turn to when life get's rough... faithful, reliable and true. The symbolism is clever and this is a good example of the emcee getting poetical.

The first beat Kristastrophe created became the instrumental for CLOUDED VISIONS. It deals with the topic of substance abuse and the depths it takes you to. See, hip-hop artists can talk about serious issues. How many people struggle with addictions that distort the clarity of their focus? The street has its own way of urging the youth to Dare to Say No. The message gets across intertwined in the strings and the bass guitar as Kris recants a world of blurred perceptions and disillusions caused by drugs.

The second beat Kris produced sounds bi-polar, intentionally. DRAINED was constructed to have that split-personality effect because it reflects an internal struggle he was going through at the time. You can hear the frustration in his voice, but then again you hear an elegant guitar playing nicely. He wasn't sure whether he should dedicate himself to his music, or not. He was torn by indecision, until his pain DRAINED on the page with ink. He expressed himself with his lyrics and this is about the time Kristastrophe asked King Darius to do songs together. He was in it to win it, and once the brothers teamed up, there was no turning back! They were on the fast-track to putting out fire.

CAN�T SLOW ME DOWN is the track Kristastrophe had fun with. It was a personal challenge to fit as many syllables per bar as he could. And he didn't use a slow tempo, either. He pushed himself to rap as fast as possible, using a Kung Fu training approach to rhyming, "If I can master going fast, rapping slow would be that much easier."

OPEN YOUR EYES is my favorite song on the EP because Kris comes off like Tupac Amaru. I swear, Kristastrophe is one of the few MCs that could recite a poem at a coffee shop and then rock a live hip-hop club with a track like this. He's well-rounded and is coming up through the ranks pretty fast. He started performing with his bro only three months after writing his first song and has been going strong ever since. He has learned a lot along the way, and points out the truth behind flashy lifestyles. He strives to lift consciousness with his words and that will never change. Selling out is not an option.

"I'm here to get inside and revolutionize the minds of all the blind that need to open their eyes"

When Kristastrophe knew he was gonna do seven songs on this EP, he designated the last track to be his BALLAD OF GRATITUDE to the females in his life, one for his mother and sisters. It features another Lomeli, Angel, on the guitar. He told me they originally tried using an ukulele, but the guitar sounded thicker, more distinct. It sounds good to me, and you gotta like a guy who makes an effort to show the women in his family how much he appreciates them in his life. Kristastrophe is happy with the outcome of this finished work. One of the things he's most proud of is, "When my Mom hears my song, she understands every word." Muy bien hecho, hombrecito.

As the song says when you reach the end of the E.P. It is only the beginning... of a new era in Kristastrophe's life. The Lomeli Brothers are on the brink of releasing their One Voice project, which promises to blow our minds, so stay tuned for that. And if you look hard enough, you'll find Kris rocking live venues, paying his dues and (in his own words): "Loving every minute of it!"

If you want to contact Kristastrophe and leave him a message click here.

Written by Skribe Won / Co-Written by Kristastrophe
Photography by Rahten
Clothing by Firme!

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