Company Man - Comic Book Art

Company Man by Pete Hernandez III

Company Man - Comic Book Art

Daltrix International subjects minority children to an experimental serum disguised as a free Flu inoculation which grants the survivors superhuman abilities.

Meet Nicholas Reyes, the latest unwilling "participant" and follow him on a journey of self-discovery as he strives to tame his new found abilities while attempting to stop Daltrix�s plans.

The corporation has a plan; create living weapons and license them out to foreign powers around the world as they slowly re-structure the planet according to their dark agenda.

COMPANY MAN is an original action-packed series from writer and illustrator Pedro Hernandez III bringing something to comics that has been missing for a long time... continuity, two-fisted action, character building, diversity, and intrigue! There are seven issues available now at 99 cents each. Just go to and for Kindle users pick up an issue. A one time digital download. The issues are readable on the KINDLE or get the KINDLE APP and read it on any digital device

Company Man is an on-going series from writer and illustrator Pete Hernandez III.

P. Hernandez

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