This page is dedicated to the Memory of
George Anthony Montes
March 28,1973 to June 12, 2000

�And wherever you�ve gone,
And wherever we might go,
It don�t seem fair,
For days to disappear,
Your light�s reflected now,
Reflected from afar,
We were but Stones,
YOUR LIGHT made us stars�
Light Years from Pearl Jam

Dreams. Everybody has dreams. Dreams of becoming an Athlete, A Rapper, A Scientist, and so on. My dream was about becoming a storyteller, or more exactly a filmmaker. My mom always preached to us to follow our dreams no matter how tough things get.

And following my dream is what I did. I earned my BA in Film and Electronic Arts at Cal State University, Long Beach, and I�m currently a year away from my MFA in Film Production at Chapman University.

Making movies is a tough business. But what�s even tougher is life.

Through hustle and hard work, Sal Rojas and I began work on a documentary called �Pass the Mic�. Everything seemed to be going fine. I went to gather footage for �Pass the Mic� with the Digital Aztlan crew in Tuscon, Arizona. We went up with the Mafiosos, and the show was dope. A lot was accomplished. The crew was heading out the next day, Monday morning. I woke up that morning feeling sick. Like something wasn�t right. I woke up just before nine o�clock. We gathered our gear and headed home.

The news hit me like a rock. My older brother George Anthony Montes Dead at the young age of 27. �This can�t be right.� Died in a car accident. �Not now.� 8: 48 am. �We made a pact. A Promise.� Monday Morning. �Remember our dreams.�

My brother was the hardest working person I knew. He would only call in sick when he was real sick. And he worked, sometimes 6 days a week to help my mom and dad with the bills and to help me with college. He was always encouraging me with my work, asking when I was going to make my first feature.

My brother would work early mornings. He died on the way to a store on his route. He died on the job.

The last conversation we had was about me going to Tuscon. He had tickets to a Dodger game that weekend. Two. One for me, one for him. I told him about the trip. He said to forget the game and go to Tuscon.

My brother served as an Executive Producer for �Pass The Mic�. He also bought me video and sound equipment because he believed so much in me. Just days before his passing, we talked about our dreams.

Now I�m living his dream. There are times when I want to quit and give up. But I would be letting him down. And I can�t let that happen.

Richard Montes


Richard Montes


2001 Films
Pass the Mic!
(currently in Post-Production)
Star Spangled Banner
(currently in Pre-Production)

2000 Films

1998 Films
Read Lies. Tell Lies.

1997 Films
Language Battle in the Classrooms

Other Film Position Credits available upon request.

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